• Will there be mandatory parent volunteer hours? 
    • Yes.  Each player/cheerleader's parent/guardian will have to volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours for field and/or snack duty.  There is no buy-out for these vital service hours.  The games and practices cannot run without volunteer help.
  • I have multiple children that I would like to register for Trojan football and/or cheer.  Do I get a discount?  
    • Yes, $50 for a second tackle football sibling (excludes flag football and cheer); $100 for a third or fourth sibling football player (excludes flag and cheer). Second registered cheerleader receives $25 discount.
  • Is there a payment plan?
    • Yes. However, you must pay an initial $250 non-refundable deposit before May 1st.  After that date the fees must be paid in full at time of registration.
  • Where are the Trojan practices and games?
    • The Board is currently securing practice and game fields and will update the website calendar when that information becomes available.
  • How do I contact the Trojan Board?  Do you have a phone number?
  • Will I really need an original birth certificate?
    • Yes. OEC Pop Warner requires the original birth certificate to verify authenticity of the photo copy that the league will keep in the official team book; the original will be returned after Pop Warner verifies the team book during mid August.
  • Why do you need a report card?
    • OEC Pop Warner, as a measure of student athlete accountability, requires the participant's most recent report card.  A player/cheerleader cannot participate without a report card in the team books.  If the participant does not meet minimum GPA requirements, he/she will be suspended from participation. 
  • Can I get a physical at my own doctor?
    • We will have an all-league Physical Day for an additional $20 (see website calendar).  After that day, Board members will have the official Pop Warner physical forms available for you to take to your own doctor.  Those forms must be original, current Pop Warner forms.